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Welcome To Noosa Life

Noosa Life is a small family owned company which draws it’s inspiration from the Australian beach culture where life is healthy, sunny and beautiful! We seek to bring a variety of products to market that reflect this genuine way of living life.

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Customer Reviews

I was very pleased with how this bag gave a nice amount of insulation from the heat of the vehicle with my cool lunch inside. The bag itself is made very nicely and the stitching and zipper are all nicely fitted. The zipper is also very heavy duty and is a breeze to open and to close.
This item was a perfect solution to our dishwasher issue. I was never sure whether the dishes in the dishwasher was clear or dirty. We typically pre-rinse our dishes before putting them in the dishwasher so I would spend a minute or two to examine the dishes to double check if it was clean or dirty before using it. With this magnetic sign, it clearly indicates whether the dishes are clean or dirty. We don’t have to develop our own system to let the other person know the dishes are dirty.
Onion Holder Stainless steel slicing is ideal for slicing onions.The onion holder features a stainless steel handle with sharp, heavy duty prongs. Holds food secure while you cut even, thin slices. Make sure to use this tool to keep your hands free after cooking with onions odor. This handy tool searched black and chrome plastic handle for a firm grip and is a must have in every kitchen. Also great for slicing juicy ripe tomatoes or blocks of cheese, cut potatoes and other vegetables. Also brings a small convenient bag for storage.
Shalom Adonai
I am really pleased with this product because it has changed how I cut my onions & I would recommend the Onion Holder from Noosa Life to everyone needing a product like this one!
Teresa V